What Do We Hire at Supertan sunbed hire Ltd?

Vertical stand up Sunbeds, High Powered Canopies with 160watt tubes to Essex / Suffolk / Hertfordshire / Kent / Cambridgeshire
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Our most popular unit by far is the VT20 vertical stand up unit (Vertical sunbed hire)… that’s right, vertical tanning in your own home! The VT20 is a 20 tube unit; all tubes are 160watts which is the highest you can use in a residential setting with a normal power supply. The VT20 also has a body breeze unit to assist in cooling you, 2 x 10 minute timers and an hour counter again to assist us with tube strengths. You will need to power the VT20 with 2 x 13amp sockets, either a double socket or 2 x singles… extension leads must never be used.

Vertical Sunbed hire and High powered sunbed canopies delivered straight to your door!

The VT20 Vertical Sunbed, takes up minimal floor space which is one of the factors that make  these units even more popular. We deliver and install all our home hire units.

Elite high Powered Canopy Sunbed Hire
VT20 Vertical Sunbed Hire

The Elite high powered canopy. Obviously a lot less tubes than the vertical, therefore maybe not as effective as the vertical but still a great unit. With 9 x 160 watt tubes and a curved frame, this unit will slide over your own bed at home and effectively tan you, you will need to turn for tanning both sides!

Remember we deliver sunbeds to Essex / Hertfordshire / Suffolk / Cambridgeshire and Kent.

Text “quote” with your postcode to 07817 239569 to receive a quote for SUNBED HIRE to your door!

240 watt tubed vertical units… the truth… and why we do not use them…

We often get asked what strength tubes we use, our answer is 160 watt in the vertical units..  we have been known to lose a customer or 2 as we do not use 240 watt tubes, here is why.

The main UK manufacturer of home hire units supplies just about every hire company I know, it is common knowledge within the trade that the units that have 240 watt tubes only have 160 watt chokes… what does this mean? It means in a nutshell your 240 watt tube will only push out 160 watts… thats all the choke will allow it to do. Its a bit like having a grand set of 200 watt speakers in your plush home cinema, and having a 50 watt amplifier powering them speakers…. guess what the max power them speakers will give you? You guessed it, 50 watts and not a smidgeon more! So if your looking for a 240 watt bed, make sure you ask the all important question, what power are the chokes pushing them lovely 240 watt tubes… make sure you get the correct answer!

Our tubes are 160 watts, our chokes are 160 watts… you get 160 watts! (Without a price tag of a 240 watt unit!)